KCOMM has worked to form a talented video production team. Our Production Director, Nepal Arslan, is a film director and student at New York University on a full ride scholarship.

We are ready to take your story to the next level, and help you share it with the world. Below you can find our video production options. If your needs are not listed, we will create a custom video production to meet them.

Services Provided for Commercial Video Production.

15-30 second, 1 minute, or longer format. These can be used on social media sites, youtube/google ads, instagram profile videos, product or company video, intro on websites, etc.

Full Pre Production




Full Production

In person video shoot, with necessary equipment.

Full Post Production


Voice-over (if needed)


Documentary Filmmaking Services

At KCOMM we are offering a high end video production service of documentary filmmaking. Whether it’s a short film covering the history of your company, or a project about a personal passion, we are ready to tell your story. This is a unique opportunity to use our services as a means of bringing your vision to life. We will work with you from start to finish to create something beautiful.

Video Marketing Services

Alongside our production services, we are also offering integrated marketing services.

Web, email, social, blog, press releases, YouTube/ Vimeo setup, video optimization, distribution channels, and analytics.

Example Films