Creating Engagement with Prospective Investors

Investors need solid, experienced financial planning advice like that provided by Spinnaker Investment Group. To generate engagement and interaction with potential investors, along with increased brand awareness, KCOMM created SpinnCycle for the firm. Investors can use the new online assessment tool to evaluate their current financial advisors and their overall financial strategy. Initial targeting for the innovative lead-generation concept was toward individuals currently working with a financial advisor.

The SpinnCycle concept encompasses three aspects in a visually inviting and easy to use format:

  • Call to action “reality check” focused on an individual’s confidence in their current situation
  • Insights on investment benchmarks, industry standards and financial advisor best practices
  • Survey to generate a SpinnScore on the individual’s financial preparedness

Educational information in SpinnCycle covers:

  • Portfolio Status— Importance of personal contact for confidence in a portfolio.
  • Goal Setting – Significant impact on net worth from having a plan and sticking with it.
  • Risk Tolerance – Regular rebalancing to maintain portfolio alignment.
  • Financial Independence – Long-term vs. short-term perspective.
  • Best Interests – Definition of “fiduciary” partner and responsibility.
  • Resource Access – Benefits of centralized portfolio management.
  • Retirement – Advantages of early investment toward retirement years.
  • Fees & Services – Potential effect of fees on portfolio value.

In the survey section, individuals are asked 10 simple questions around their current portfolio and financial advisor:

  1. Did you spend more time planning your last vacation than planning for your financial future?
  2. Does your financial advisor contact you regularly about the status of your portfolio?
  3. Has your financial advisor updated your portfolio based on your goals and life stages?
  4. Is your current portfolio balanced to match your risk tolerance?
  5. Do you know how much money you need to achieve financial independence?
  6. Is your current advisor an independent fiduciary acting solely in your interest?
  7. Does your advisor offer convenient access to additional resources such as tax, estate planning and insurance?
  8. Have you calculated your retirement savings needed to maintain your standard of living?
  9. Do you know exactly what you are paying your financial advisor for their service?
  10. How confident are you that you’ll achieve financial independence?


KCOMM also developed comprehensive support for SpinnCycle through integrated branding, messaging and marketing:

  • Created custom, interactive wheel graphic
  • Developed online microsite
  • Produced creative assets for advertising

Created strategic content designed to provide value-added education, set service benchmarks and challenge a prospect’s confidence in current financial advisor

  • Launched cross-channel promotional campaign spanning website, email, social media, and client and partner networks
  • Implemented paid lead-generation campaign on social media and search

We invite you to give SpinnCycle a try here and share it with your associates, family and friends who may have questions about their investments and the advice they are receiving.


SpinnCycle – Spinnaker Investment Group

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