• Generate print and digital media coverage in local and industry publications
  • Position as a leading innovator in the U.S. and expanding internationally
  • Increase visibility of senior leadership
  • Showcase new technology, features, updates and capabilities


An integrated communications program to address these objectives is focused on public relations, event support and strategic relationships.


Public relations and media outreach efforts gain exposure for a wide range of activities including new technology updates, philanthropy, party and hospitality events, company milestones and announcements, awards won and visibility for the CEO.


KCOMM has organized media to attend select Evite events and generate pre- and post-event coverage. We have also assisted with event planning, out-of-the-box ideas and sponsorship opportunities.


KCOMM’s extensive set of strategic relationships in all facets of the California and national arenas (business, technology, government, education, philanthropy) are also helping to further strengthen awareness of the company and its executives.

Selected Results

  • Media coverage in both print and broadcast
  • Interviews and profiles of agency CEO and other executives
  • Speaking and award opportunities


Evite is the leading digital service for bringing people together. With a wide array of free, easy-to-use invitation designs and inspirational party-planning tools, the company has sent over 2 billion event invitations, enabling approximately 3 billion unique face-to-face connections. Evite makes getting together effortless and more memorable for its 100+ million annual users, sending 20,000 invitations every hour and handling hundreds of millions of RSVPs every year.