Our methodology operates using the best-in-class, business-building approach of Objectives - Goals - Strategies - Measures [OGSM], learned and applied by the Fortune 500.

Strategic Approach

Using our deep understanding of the PR and communications industry and analytics, we will determine the messaging and key benefits that will increase the probability of users becoming qualified leads – and users – for your business. We will execute this approach via a comprehensive strategy focused on competitive positioning, brand awareness, market presence, original content, organic and paid promotion, customer experience optimization, and performance analysis to target prime prospects and near- to mid-term potential users.

Public Relations

Strategic planning
Message development
Media relations
Media training
Media pitching
News releases (online, print, video)
Crisis communications
Background Interviews
Editorial Board Meetings
Op-Ed Articles/Letters to the Editor
Press Kits

Internet Marketing

Email marketing & CRM
Social media marketing
Pay-per-click advertising
Search engine optimization
Landing pages

Measuring Successes

Quantitative success criteria will be assigned to gauge how well our programs are working and driving incremental growth. Examples include increased traffic to relevant and appropriate blogs/websites/landing pages and content designed to increase user engagement that converts to qualified leads and product demos for your sales team to close. Then, identifying the key measures that caused that improvement


Digital branding
Web design
Logo design
App design
Collateral design
Email promotions
Video & photography


Event planning, marketing & execution
Theme & content development
Turnkey logistics
Equipment provisioning
Labor & production management
Speaker support
Live webcast
Post-event followup

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